Supply Chain

From supply chain planning to last-mile delivery

Future of supply chain

At Smartlinks, we are driving the evolution of Supply Chain Technologies.
We firmly believe the future of Supply Chain Technologies lies in complete cognitive automation.


Rule-based decision support.


Systems learning through classification algorithms.



A Supply chain is truly optimized when decisions are prompt, data-driven, and informed. In a fully optimized supply chain, all operations, from supply chain planning to last-mile delivery, function at peak efficiency.


Adding network and connectivity enhances automation capabilities for manifold returns. Autonomous supply chains need the “connect” aspect to execute within and across enterprise boundaries.


An Automated Supply chain means that even when the Supply Chain Planners are asleep, the system is still on and taking decisions on the planners’ behalf. The recent advances in computing technology can enable such automation.

Our Journey

This journey starts from supply chain systems to enable specific supply chain functions such as demand-supply planning, transport planning, etc) and decision support.

The next stage is to automate the decision-making process within each function and then across functions.

The pursuit of this futuristic vision is what drives our teams to help customers solve complex supply chain challenges and apply our learnings toward this goal.

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