Implementation Services

From supply chain planning to last-mile delivery

Our experienced team has combined the best practices from multiple engagements to devise a fast-track approach to implementations and rollouts. We have enabled our customers to realize the value of technology investments at a faster rate.

Dedicated team focused around BlueYonder (JDA) driven transformations

BlueYonder APAC Partner of the year 2021

Implementations across multiple geographies


  • Predefined data gathering templates.
  • Baseline integration flows across BY & non-BY systems.
  • Industry specific supply chain blueprints.
  • Discovery methodology capturing all business and technology dimensions.

Rapid Implementation

  • Industry specific planning configuration workbooks
  • Planning results finetuning with parallel runs
  • Data quality analysis tools for data gaps , data inaccuracies
  • Automation tools – job servers / RPA / integration / scripting

Change Management
& Solution Adoption

  • “Day in life of planner” simulations
  • Role based training and planner shadow support for solution adoption
  • COE structuring support for enabling transition
  • Planning as a Service for “Run The Business” scale-up

Demand and Replenishment Planning

  • Statistical forecasting with machine learning for demand sensing
  • Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment
  • Consensus demand planning
  • Flow casting for retail customers | Dealer managed inventory and replenishment
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization
  • Time-based replenishment planning & order optimization

Enterprise Supply Planning

  • Segmented approach to execute varying business strategies
  • Increased agility in planning to respond to supply chain volatilities
  • Objective-driven optimization across the network for real-world performance improvement
  • Production planning & suggested purchasing quantities
  • Transport recommendations across the network
  • Exception management with cost based tradeoffs to aid decisions
  • Configurable planner dashboards to drive operations forward

Transportation Management

Transport modelling and simulations

Transport optimization using best in class cost based optimizer

3D vanning using real-world constraints

Mixed pallet

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Supply chain
control tower

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Digital freight bill reconciliation

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Carrier performance monitoring

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