Value Discovery

From supply chain planning to last-mile delivery

We enable our customers to ride the waves of change by leveraging newer technologies, adapting to evolving business models, and implementing interconnected products to achieve the right balance between cost to serve and service levels.

We are your knowledge partners. We continuously learn, adapt, innovate and upgrade to develop best practices so that our customers harvest the maximum benefits from our supply chain performance improvement initiatives.

Our Capabilities

  • Site selection
  • Product sourcing analysis
  • Service territory strategies
  • Deployment strategies
  • Cost to serve & network analysis
  • Transport modelling for capacity planning
  • Continuous moves opportunities


  • Strategic and tactical supply chain design analysis
  • Multi period , optimization based approach
  • Maximize returns from supply chain investments
  • Objectivity in decision making with what-if simulation capabilities

Transport modeling

  • Annual transport capacity requirements determination through scenario modelling
  • Multimodal analysis for long term transport planning decisions
  • Lane level analysis for carrier sourcing decisions
  • Continuous moves opportunity analysis

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