From supply chain planning till last mile delivery

Our focus is towards transforming supply chain by infusing precision and predictability to extract maximum value from supply chain technology investments.

From supply chain planning to last-mile delivery, we enable our customers to ride the wave of change. We design supply chain solutions by leveraging the latest technology and implementing interconnected products so that clients can harvest the benefits of an optimized supply chain and strike the right balance between cost to serve and service levels.


Real-Time Supply
Chain Visibility

Based on our vast and varied consulting experiences we understood that supply chain visibility is one problem that everyone has but it is never explicitly stated as a problem.

Real-Time Supply
Chain Visibility

Sitting on top of your existing enterprise systems, our platform gracefully combines data from your supply chain with various IoT feeds to provide you with crisp and clear visibility of your supply chain.


Based on our vast and varied consulting experiences we understood that supply chain visibility is one
problem that everyone has but never explicitly stated as a problem. We created a platform that provides just that!

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics is not a topic. which needs an introduction. You already know its importance and so do we!

We have spent more than a decade creating custom reports across various domains and we understand that supply chain analytics is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It must be tailored to your unique business needs as it is intricately linked to your organization's way of working and KPIs are closely linked to your core values.

Our platform aims to connect you with your supply chain data to create a wealth of prescriptive via predictive analytics. This helps you to see “What went right” and ” What went wrong” but also enables you to make informed decisions and be proactive and agile in your reactive decision-making.

Partner Collaboration

Integration between various supply chain systems is a standard across all enterprises and there are huge IT teams always working to make this even better by the day. Despite the same, it is common knowledge that a seamless supply chain network is still a distant reality and the digital supply chain twins will help us reach there.

With our order collaboration solutions, we aim to make a difference for the various parties in the physical supply chain by enabling them to connect and collaborate digitally on a single platform seamlessly - irrespective of which side of the supply chain they are in.

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