In today’s dynamic business environment, efficient and fast handling of goods is one of the key aspects in industries such as Foods and Beverages, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, etc. With the increasing proliferation of SKUs by manufacturers, companies must find a way to address these challenges along with labor shortages, space constraints, and safety issues to improve profitability and competitiveness.



What is Palletization?

Palletization is integral to the process of handling goods, starting from the planning of pallets to the shipping of these pallets. Palletization refers to the placing of goods on a pallet. The process involves stacking large quantities of identical/mixed items onto a pallet for shipping. Based on their weight and dimensions, the items are stacked in a pattern that promotes stability, stackability, and product safety. Therefore, palletization becomes even more important as it helps to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods from manufacturers to retailers and ultimately to consumers.