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Transportation Management Solutions

Optimize logistics

Logistics planning involves several constraints – vehicle availability, business hour restrictions, load building and more. Get the best out of limited resources in highly constrained environments through in-built capabilities for order-to-transport planning, route optimization, trip scheduling infused with best practices.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Achieve Real Time Visibility & Collaboration

Equip your teams and your customers with sharper freight visibility so they can focus on what needs to be done next. With accurate real-time visibility into orders and trip updates, you can now take pre-emptive action for swift resolutions. Enable workflows and collaboration across multiple stakeholders both internal like management and external like suppliers, carriers, and delivery teams through multiple channels leveraging a single platform.

Transportation Management Solutions

Automate using Intelligent Workflows

Every enterprise process is unique, be it approval workflows, event statuses or roles. With Smartlinks platform, you simply configure your processes and let the tool automate the flows. Never again will a delayed approval derail your deliveries.

Transportation Management Solutions

Develop deep

Shippers and carriers need different levels of insights. Apart from standardized scorecards for logistics performance, on time analysis by region, and SKU or category, the trukr analytics solution leverages advanced statistical tools to identify deep patterns in data to derive insights and make logistics more predictable. Get it at your fingertips on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Decision making is simpler when users are not just presented with reports but also with prescriptive inputs.

3 Party Logistics Solution

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