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Logistics Tracking

Logistics means efficiently handling the storage and movement of resources such as information, people, services, equipment, tools, and materials. It includes condition management, materials handling, warehousing, inventory, packaging, and transportation. Logistics tracking means the systems and methods used to track the storage and movement of resources. It helps you know where your materials, products, and other resources are located at any given time, and also what has been scheduled.

Benefits of Logistics Tracking

Shipment tracking tools help shippers to control their transportation and locate goods at any place in their journey. Transportation management systems, vehicle tracking software, and route optimization software offer track and trace capability using real-time vehicle tracking features. This technology gives you insight into market trends, transportation expenses, and carrier performance as you handle your logistics. Further, shipment tracking is an important aspect of supply chain management.

Improve Processes, Reduce Expenses

With vehicle tracking software, you can easily track your goods’ journey to their destination. Further, you can use the data generated by the solution for analysis and to communicate with the shippers and check in on pickup and in-transit time, as well as any delays. By overseeing carrier performance, shippers can make cost-efficient alterations to enhance the supply chain.

Boost Performance, Get Visibility

With real-time vehicle tracking functionality, you can easily monitor metrics related to product movement. Furthermore, you can gain visibility on transportation progress and notify the customer if a delay is expected through a route optimization software. Logistics tracking helps shippers to decide which carrier and mode is dependable and gives them the chance to improve transportation processes.

Reduce Delays, Enhance Customer Experience

Vehicle Tracking Software helps to track shipments which is an important aspect of the consumer experience. About 50% of American customers think shipping is a vital element of their buying experience. End users get peace of mind if they are able to track their products. Shippers can always know the location of their freight and can alert customers about delivery status through real-time vehicle tracking.

SaaS-based logistics tracking solutions from Smartlinks are a big benefit as you don’t need to invest money upfront and can opt to pay for what you utilize. Contact us today for more information on how our SaaS platform applications can boost your business.

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