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Logistics and supply chain management

Every business has a set of activities ranging from procurement of raw material to the delivery of the finished products to the end-user. There are organizations in business which work together to make the final shipment successful. The entire process flows smoothly by logistics and supply chain management.

What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is planning, implementing and controlling a business flow. The technology of supply chain control tower manages the movement of products, information, and services from suppliers to consumers.

The main objective of supply chain management is creating net value and synchronizing supply with demand.

Logistics management is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls its flow. The control tower logistics technology plans the transportation of material on time, in the correct quantity, in a good condition, and at the right price. Logistics management is the overall administration of production, storage, packaging and transportation of business material. Logistics involves both internal and external distribution networks.

How does Logistics and Supply Chain Management implement a successful business flow?

  1. Inventory Process: The inventory process deals with the number of materials that the business needs to operate. Supply chain control tower uses an automatic ordering system in the just-in-time inventory process. This prevents the hoarding of unwanted items. It automatically places an order for new materials when the stock is running low. This process is also aided by control tower logistics which helps in quantifying the resources.
  2. Planning Process: The supply chain control tower enables the company to determine its material needs by analyzing its demand and supply. Further analyzing the control tower logistics, the company then plans to acquire those materials through the logistics and supply chain management
  3. Implementation Process: This process includes supplier management. The executives set up a supplier of a given type of material. The supplier is given specifications of the needs of the business.
  4. Transportation process: It covers all the aspects of how goods are transported. This includes the total management of transportation of goods and services. They oversee the modes of transportation and provide for the most reliable and cost-effective ones.

Benefits of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management allows a business to optimize its product, information and financial flow.

  1. Improved product flow: Effective logistics and supply chain management analysis can increase sales of products. This enables companies to improve their product flow by reaching customers in lesser time. It also improves inventory management and over hoarding.
  2. Effective information flow: The management system evaluates the quality of information shared with suppliers and customers. SCM enables accurate, timely, complete, and relevant information flow.
  3. Evaluated financial flow: Implementing the system can help companies address their financial flow. It helps them to evaluate their current processes, identify the links that interfere in the financial flow and determine the right solutions for the problems.

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