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Logistic Visibility for Automobile & FMCG

Logistics involves optimized transportation of products to users on time and at the right price. It also includes receiving raw materials for manufacturing. It is the overall administration of production, storage, packaging and transportation of business material. It is a systematic procedure to plan, implement, and control a business flow. Logistics innovations & technology helps to organize the shipment. Logistics involves both internal and external distribution networks. There is a definitive increase in logistic visibility for automobile & FMCG industries.

Logistics innovations & technology

Logistics innovations & technology in the automobile industry include business activities related to distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation of goods and services from the raw materials stage to the sub-assembly modules and to the finished products. It also involves related functions and facilities in this flow.

What is Logistics in the FMCG Industry?

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are closely associated with end-users. The volume of products for shipment in this industry is quite large. The distribution channels are wide, hence the role of logistics is vital. Logistics innovations & technology help in meeting optimized transportation of the high demand for FMCG.

How to achieve beneficial Logistics in the Automobile and FMCG Industry?

  1. The just-in-time inventory: This process deals with the number of products that the business needs to manufacture and sell. The Logistics Edocuments use an automatic system in the just-in-time inventory process. This prevents the hoarding of unwanted items. It automatically places an order for new materials when the stock is running low.
  2. Demand and supply synchronization: The technology enables the company to determine its material needs by analyzing its demand and supply. The company then plans to acquire those materials through the logistics performance metrics reporting solution for logistic visibility for automobile & FMCG industries.
  3. Implementation Process: This process includes supplier management. The executives set up a supplier of a given type of material via Logistics Edocuments. The supplier is given specifications of the needs of the business. If in case the supplier is unable to meet the demands of the business, the logistics performance metrics reporting solution analyzes it and sets up a new supplier.
  4. Transportation process: It covers all the aspects of how automobile and FMCG are transported. The logistics Edocuments include the complete arrangement and control of transportation. The logistics oversee the modes of transportation and provide for the most reliable and cost-effective ones, which aid to logistics performance metrics reporting solution.

Smartlinks delivers exceptional services to its customers in logistic visibility for automobile & FMCG industry by using the latest technologies. We value commitment to our customers and provide maximum benefits. We make Logistics Innovations & Technology reliable and precise.

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