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From Inbound movement of components to spare parts transportation - different needs under one roof


The JIT strategy adopted by OEMs places great emphasis on the perfect alignment between production schedules and on-time receipts of components for inbound movements. Quarterly MRP releases are converted to rolling transportation plans which are in turn used as input to revise release data for synchronizing with production planning and scheduling.

As the near term planning is frozen, on-time delivery takes precedence over any other performance parameter as the impact is very high. In the case of spare parts transportation, the stresses and strains of both inbound and outbound movements result in poor truck utilizations, scheduling issues at distribution centres, multiple same day deliveries to customers.


Planning for On-time delivery

At Smartlinks, we understand the needs of inbound movement intricately.

From transport planning of releases to blocking transporters’ capacities, to booking pickup windows at suppliers as well as plant dock scheduling – precision is the need of the hour.

Moving from ETA to predictive ETA ensures greater accuracy in planning leading to realistic planning and scheduling.

Logistic Visibility for Automobile & FMCG
Logistic Visibility for Automobile & FMCG


Controlling the contribution towards logistics cost per unit sold

Planning needs to evaluate the trade-offs and build the best fit plan within the highly constrained operating environment.

Whether the movement should be direct from suppliers or via milk-runs to x-docks, a cost based optimization engine can help plan for best results while honouring all constraints and schedules.


Early warning of execution events

Visibility at each stage of movement – at supplier, in-transit, at plant helps auto / OEMs understand the implications of any slippage points.

Early warning of potential slippages leading to missed schedules can help auto / OEMs devise alternatives.

These situations can be looped back into planning for continuous improvement measures.

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Truck Utilization

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Driver Management Solution

On-Time Delivery

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Driver Management Solution

Contribution to Logistics
Cost per Unit Sold

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