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One of the largest automotive OEM in the world producing and selling automobiles and commercial vehicles

The Inbound Logistics Team Has To Ensure Availability Of Parts In Sync With The Production Schedules At The Plants.

One Platform For Both Planning And Execution With Access Through Web, Mobile

Improved Truck Cube Utilization By 17%

Optimizing inbound logistics and unlocking dynamic cost savings for India and Thailand geographies for one of the world’s largest automotive OEMs

Driver Management Solution


The inbound logistics team has to ensure availability of parts in sync with the production schedules at the plants. The challenges faced by them

  • Static planning leading to lost opportunities in cost savings
  • Sub-optimal truck load building with shipment consolidation slippages
  • Dock scheduling and balancing conflicts with schedules being missed at planning stage leading to firefighting during execution w.r.t resource availability
  • Lack of accurate forward transport planning with scenario building capability
  • Delays in communication and manual work in exchanging information / documents with carriers leading to disparate views and no single source of transportation related data
  • Lack of visibility into truck movements and events from pick-up , TAT , ETA leading to clogging at docks
  • Optimized planning , scheduling and real-time monitoring intends to set up a centralized logistics planning & execution team covering its in-bound operations for APAC geography.


The inbound logistics team has to ensure availability of parts in sync with the production schedules at the plants. The challenges faced by them

  • Enabled Pre-processing of release data with appropriate business rules for conversion to transportation data for planning
  • Enabled the quarterly planning providing forecast for the quarter for transport capacity blocking , supplier pick-up windows booking , MRP material planned receipt schedule revision
  • Enabled dynamic planning to take advantage of modifications to release data for consolidation opportunities
  • Connected planning to execution on a single platform leading to real-time exchange of information with all stakeholders – internal & external
  • Designed solution to consider dimensions of the different parts together rather than just based on weight and volume leading to real world 3d cubing with savings.
  • Connected the carriers GPS feeds through aggregation layer for full visibility into orders- transportation trips status
  • Enabled simulation / scenario building for continuous improvements and trade-off analyses



In-sourcing of the logistics operations with logistics COE setup to manage manufacturing inbound logistics for plants led to the significant cost savings enabling the ROI on the solution within the year


Potential for reduction in logistics costs per unit sold by $1.5 which means savings close to $ 400,000 per year


Improved truck cube utilization by 17% in the various cost studies done by the client



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